Aspies Living Among Us

    María I. Gómez

    ISBN 9780645411744

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    For fifty-nine years, María was totally unaware of her condition. Since her ASD diagnosis in 2018, she decided to raise awareness and help others in a similar position. 

    Aspies Living Among Us is the remarkable journey of a woman and her two adopted children and how she survived living with undiagnosed autism. Within each page of this book lays the hopeful story of four people originating from totally different corners of the world. Find out what they each had in common and how destiny brought them together to form the very unique family they are today. Each little piece of their fragmented lives had to be found and placed together before a beautiful picture could be seen.

    The suicide rate in people with ASD is exceptionally high, compared to the neurotypical population. According to an article by Australian researchers published in early 2022, suicide is the leading cause of premature death in autistic people of average IQ or above. Autistic people face a three to nine times higher risk of premature death by suicide. Many have already succeeded in taking their lives, leaving their loved ones behind with a life sentence of grief, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases, weddings, and children and grandchildren born without them there. 

    Aspies Living Among Us shows why the high number of individuals living with undiagnosed autism must be identified and brought to safety. Many remain desperately hiding behind their ‘performing masks’, torn between wishing to be ‘normal’ and longing to be loved for who they truly are—magnificent human beings with golden hearts. 

    About the Author
    María is originally from Italy and her husband Joe is from the UK. They live in beautiful Western Australia with their teenagers, Sophia and Thomas and their dogs, Benji and Queen.

    Joe and María have been married for seven years. They met for the first time in 2014, and since then they’ve become like peas and carrots. 

    Before moving to Australia in 2010, María was involved in volunteer and humanitarian relief work in several Asian countries. 

    María holds a Diploma in Counselling and has received a Certificate of Achievement from The National Autistic Society in the UK for completing an online course related to females on the autism spectrum. 

    By sharing her unique story with others, María hopes that the many Aspies still out there, are identified and brought to a place of safety and acceptance. 

    To contact Joe and Maria email them at 


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