Art of Care

    Marita Mayengahema


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    By Marita Mayengahema | ISBN 9780645227789

    Care is an art that can only be mastered through commitment, training, and continuous improvement. This must always emanate from the Care provider. ART OF CARE is driven by compassion. It is inspired by the mind and heart, and manifested by hands, hence the word art. Training focuses on the experience of the consumer, rather than approaching care from a task-orientated perspective.

    The current method of providing care is a ‘colour-by-numbers’ approach which involves the ticking off of tasks such as showering, feeding and the like. This approach dehumanizes the consumer and reduces them to a series of inconveniences. Consumers should never apologise for being needy. The care givers’ attitude can often cause consumers to feel this way. Most care providers are task and compliance focused. However, this mindset does not lead to the highest level of care.

    Art of Care is at the heart of customer centricity and it will change the way care is provided. Compassion is the foundation of the Care Industry. Our focus is to protect, preserve and enhance lives of those in care. Art of care allows us to accomplish the above by directing and guiding care providers on how to be compassionate. It is a perfect opportunity for every care provider in an aged setting to master how they can effectively implement compassion.

    About the author
    Marita Mayengehama is a Residential Manager in an Aged Care Facility, with a general nursing and midwifery background and over 39 years of experience in nursing. Marita joined the Aged Care Industry in 2004, when she migrated from Zimbabwe. Marita remained in the Aged Care Industry in her practice and advanced her skills and knowledge. She pursued an advanced diploma in Business management and Natural Health Nutrition. She also did a Diploma in Mental Health and a Certificate in Career Coaching. She has held several leadership roles in her local church and has worked closely with several charitable organisations here in Australia and in Zimbabwe. She lives in Sydney Australia with husband Cleopas, and she has 3 children Pamela, Amanda and George.

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