Arise Kallah

    Dr Carolyn Minnie

    ISBN 9780645553550

    LIST PRICE: $19.99


    Jesus spoke on multiple occasions about His bride, Kallah. It is important that His chosen understand what it means to be His Kallah and comprehend His love for us.

    In Arise Kallah, author Carolyn Minnie encourages the reader to reflect and stew on some truths found in the Word relating to the love Jesus has for Kallah. As you read Arise Kallah you will discover His desires and love for you, deepening your love for Jesus, your Bridegroom.

    As His Kallah, we are encouraged to prepare ourselves for His imminent return, under the guidance of His Spirit. The reader is prompted to gather oil and fashion a spiritual wardrobe that is lavish in humility, exquisite in love and bright in beauty, which in turn honours and esteems Him.

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