Are We There Yet?

    Ruth Baker

    ISBN 9780648825999

    LIST PRICE: $22.99


    The Christian journey is the journey of a lifetime, but all journeys can become difficult. We can’t live up to the ideals we set ourselves, let alone those we think others expect of us. We start out strong, but things lose their luster.

    The road gets long, the journey can be difficult, it’s not straight travelling and the view gets a bit boring. Sometimes we set ourselves on cruise control, or we’ve even slowed down to a crawl. But that doesn’t mean we are without hope.

    No matter where we are in our lives we have THE hope. Our hope in Jesus Christ. This book is for Christians who want to re-calibrate their lives a little and who want to measure their to-do lists against reality and God’s word.

    While acknowledging that our salvation comes from grace and our strength comes from God, there are some things that we can do to persevere in our discipleship. Great for individuals or small groups, Are We There Yet? aims to meet people where they really are and unpack these concepts so that, even in the chaos of real life, there is practical guide to help replenish our stamina for the journey.

    About the author:
    Ruth Baker is based in Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her two children and a dog. She blogs at Meet Me Where I Am and writes for various online Christian platforms. Her interest is supporting Christian women and exploring all aspects of Christian living in a real and chaotic world. Outside of parenting and full time work as an environmental consultant, she reads, writes, studies theology and knits (badly).

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