antoine's cafe

    Antoine’s Cafe

    Anthony Rees

    ISBN 9780645920796

    LIST PRICE: $19.99


    “In the last days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.”                                                                
    …the Prophet Joel.

    Charlton is a typical ‘kitchy’ inner city suburb. Set amongst a variety of cafés in the area is the not so typical… Antoine’s Café. Its purpose, according to its owner…is one of a divine nature.

    The envy of many an establishment in the region due to its popular vibe, Antoine’s Café also attracts opposition of an unworldly kind. In defiance to heaven’s plans are forces entrenched deep within the café, invited there in times past, by an unexpected source.

    Together with a group of redeemed colleagues, Antoine, along with the host of heaven, embark on an adventure to fulfill his vision and a prophecy that arose almost three thousand years before.

    Coming to its destined climax, Charlton becomes…a not so typical suburb.

    About the author
    Anthony Rees was born in Melbourne. Spending time in cafés, enjoying a good espresso whilst people watching, is one of his favourite occupations. He is also a sculptor, engaging in abstract art works. His first love, Jesus, has sent him on many an adventure, including treks to China to spread the gospel. From there he developed a passion for writing, from which he produced a journal, detailing of his travels. His very close second loves are his family…his wife and three children. Antoine’s Café is Anthony Rees’ first novel.

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