Another Moment With God

    Nenia Tavrou

    ISBN 9780645539745

    LIST PRICE: $34.99


    Finding time each day to connect with God is not only essential to our mental well-being, but also helps us grow spiritually. Another Moment With God is a powerful devotional that is designed for the busy person, using common everyday topics and situations to connect with biblical concepts.

    These easy-to-read devotionals are short, sharp, to the point, and will help you connect with your Creator, while awakening your spiritual side. Their ultimate aim is to get you ready for your God-given purpose in life.

    Another Moment With God is the sequel to A Moment With God.

    About the author
    Nenia Tavrou completed her Diploma of Ministry at Whitley College in Australia. This enabled her to travel extensively to all continents (bar Antarctica), working at missions doing various jobs from counselling in Africa, teaching in China, painting a hospital in Israel, women’s ministry in Bangladesh, children’s programs in India, renovating a run-down school in Cambodia, plus more. Her devotions are inspired by her travels. It is her desire this book will enable you to draw closer to the CEO of the Universe – God himself.

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