Anna’s Story: Woman Of The Secret Place

    Carol Anderson

    ISBN 9780645553529

    LIST PRICE: $22.99


    The questions came to mind when reading the scriptures from Luke 2:36-38.

    Who was Anna the Prophetess?
    What made her go to the temple?
    What caused her to come back and stay?
    What did she experience all those years fasting and praying?

    With a sanctified imagination and a passionate love for the Word of God, this love story unfolded. An experience – a journey of intimacy with the One True and Living God and the Son whom He sent!


    “A beautifully written story weaving together old testaments prophesies with New Testament events. Such a personal journey portraying the timeless plans of God our Father and His Sacrificial love, Thanks for the privilege of reading it.”

    “Thank you for letting me read your great book, I really enjoyed it. It gave me a new creative perspective to view the story and I discovered some treasures in there too. I hope you can have it published and share it with many more people.”

    “I have wept through your book; it has touched me in such a deep way. It has been about Him, not us. We love Him, because He first loved us. Thank you for allowing me to read it. It is all about intimacy with Him.”

    “I was blessed to read your story of Anna. It is very precious, and it touched my heart. I saw you often when you wrote of Anna. We can learn much and be inspired by Anna’s’ relationship, with her Lord. So very beautiful.”

    “Thank you so much for allowing me to read your amazing God given story. I believe it is all you and your heart full of love just pouring out. Your desire to be with The Lord and draw us close as possible. It is so beautiful, and I enjoyed it so much.”

    “Amazing read! It made me cry three times. You have to get this published – it is truly a divine walk of inspiration!”

    “May the doorways of heaven be opened up to get this precious book published. Anointed to heal, anointed to bring revelation and understanding. A book that drips with the intimacy of God. As I was reading this book, I quickly discovered it was not just a story but an experience with my heavenly Father. For me it was a journey of His heart drawing me into Him. His healing power washing over me as the pages drew out pain that had been hidden deep below. The author of this book is a precious vessel that carries the intimacy of God in her Spirit. That very spirit flows through this book as you read it.”


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