Di Bradford


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    By Di Bradford | ISBN 9780645183566

    Suddenly orphaned, 10-year-old Anna finds herself on the run from ruthless slave traders. Smuggled out of her village and taken to Jerusalem, Anna, frightened and alone, meets another orphan – Isaac.

    Together they face fear and adventure in their daily fight to survive whilst avoiding capture by the slave traders.

    Anna believes the only person that can help them is Jesus, but then he is crucified! It seems that all hope is lost. The Day of Pentecost changes their lives forever and throws Anna and Isaac into a whole new world as they are caught up in the excitement and turbulence of the early church in first century Jerusalem.

    About the author
    Di Bradford lives with her family in East Sussex, England. Di became a Christian when she was fourteen and has enjoyed discovering her Father’s amazing love and constant provision. She has been involved in church leadership alongside her husband Stu for many years. Since she was a child, Di has had a passion for storytelling which has been developed by her role in Children’s Ministry and School’s ministry telling Bible Stories in assemblies and classrooms.

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