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And There Came A Lion

Beryl Spencer

ISBN 9780994596871

LIST PRICE: $19.99


“The trouble with Christians is you expect your God to take you out of trouble.”

I was offended at the words, but deep inside I knew this was true. My limited understanding of Christianity was that God would rescue me from all trouble. My method wasn’t working for me and this comment provoked me to find what was real. So my journey began.

I loved the writings of Paul, who seemed to be the tough challenging, questioning person who personified what I felt at times. Paul spoke about open doors with many adversaries. I understood that! He trusted God’s Word to him implicitly, accepting that punishment and imprisonment awaited him. So in everyday life I put God’s Word to practice and I found it to be true and powerful.

I consumed stories of great leaders from the Bible and studied the strategies of army leaders. Paul teaches us in Ephesians to put on the amour of God, but I couldn’t just play dress-up. The Word must be authenticated. Paul speaks of swords and spears, missiles the enemy hurls to destroy us. I studied missiles in modern warfare. That brought further illumination of the Word. I learned about the US Army NMD (National Missile Defense) system and found that I too, had my own (PMD) Personal Missile Defense system-the tested Word and the Spirit-positioned to disarm any missile the enemy cared to hurl at me.

And There Came a Lion is an action packed journey through enemy territory. It can change your life!

About the author
Beryl Spencer is a mother and grandmother and lives with her husband on a cattle property outside Kilkivan, Australia. Beryl is a longtime community leader and advocate for abused children, working in high school and then working with Governments to amend legislation to protect children.Beryl has received rewards for her commitment to community, child protection and small business. She has held various mentoring and leadership roles both in community and Church and across a broad demography in urban and rural areas. Beryl’s love of writing developed over the years and started with composition in school. Later Beryl wrote articles for Church magazines, Women’s Magazines, always feeling the importance of sharing the authentic Christian life and desiring to bring the Word of God alive to others. Beryl is a speaker and conference presenter. This is Beryl’s third book that shares what she believes is most important for Christians, and that is shining the love of Jesus and the light of the Cross in the hard and difficult places of life.

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