An Invitation to Follow
James Murray
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An Invitation to Follow

James Murray

ISBN 9780645967326

LIST PRICE: $22.99


Jesus’ instruction to us as his followers was to go and make disciples, but how?

What exactly is a disciple?

How do I become one or help others become one?

This book aims at giving you a practical guide to becoming a disciple or student of Jesus, and will equip you to help others do the same.

It all starts with an invitation to follow. Find out more at

About the author
James and Alanna Murray, who have been married for 20 years, served as Youth Pastors and Associate Pastors for over 15 years in both Sydney and San Diego. They felt the distinct calling from God to move back to Australia and start a church in 2013 dedicated to the raising up of disciples, following the way of Jesus.

Fast forward to today, James and Alanna are visionary leaders with a fire for seeing the love of Jesus radically transform Sydney. They are gifted communicators, insightful teachers, and powerful visionaries who have a heart for a multi-generational and inclusive community. James and Alanna are the Lead Pastors of Glow Church across all locations in Sydney.

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