a wonderful watery world

    A Wonderful Watery World

    Renae Payne

    ISBN 9780645670509

    LIST PRICE: $19.99


    Mummy said, ‘Rain is God’s gift of water to us.’

    I wondered if rain was really the sort of gift I wanted to receive.

    Sometimes a wet day can seem miserable but a change in perspective can remind us of the many good things that God has given us, even rain.

    About the author
    Renae Payne is a Christian mum who would love to resource Christian parents, play groups, preschools, Sunday schools and infants’ classes with simple, gospel-centred picture books that clearly share God’s truth in a way that young children can understand. She and her family live in Western Sydney where they are regularly amazed by how relevant God’s word is to their lives and seek to care for God’s creation in their little corner of the world. Follow her on Instagram @storiesbyrenae

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