A Silk Purse

    Jane Schope


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    By Jane Schope | ISBN 9780645256970

    Jane Schope’s early years were full of adventure and excitement. She immigrated to Australia from England, married and had five children. Disaster struck when her husband was arrested. She spent years grappling with the consequences of his crimes and the devastating effect on her family.

    Jane floundered in a spiritual and emotional wilderness. The pain of betrayal, confusion and guilt reinforced her lack of self-worth. Could she ever recover? How could she forgive? Who could understand her humiliation, shame and utter despair?

    Told with candid honesty and courage, this is a story of redemption and restoration that Jane attributes solely to God’s grace and mercy.

    Jane lives in Sydney, Australia, where she combines a full-time job and home business with voluntary work in several charities, including Kairos. When not encouraging sad and lost souls, she loves to write and spend time with her children and grandchildren.

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