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A Road Divided

Neil Emerson

ISBN 9780645459609

LIST PRICE: $22.99


A chance meeting at a beach mission, finds a French Alfonso and a Jewish Noya fall in love. Here begins a cat and mouse game of love and attraction along a rough and bumpy road which in due course finds its fulfilment in marriage.

However, before the marriage takes place, Noya finds herself expecting her first child. Having  been conceived out of wedlock, Noya struggles with feelings of shame and heartache. Considering her options of abortion or adoption she looks to God for some direction. 

One night, Noya has a dream in which she sees a divided road ahead of her. She is told to choose one path or the other and to make her way forward. This will be hard even if the pathway she chooses is the right one. But there is no option, except to move ahead as best she can.

Will Noya find peace in the storm and trust in God for the future of herself, her husband and her baby? Will she choose the right path? Will her decision tear her marriage apart or will God redeem her and give her the strength to trust Him for a beautiful future regardless of her decision?

About the author
Neil Emerson is a retired pastor. He lives in Blaxland, New South Wales, Australia and is married to his wife, Beth. Together, they have spent over thirty-five years in parish ministry. They have four adult children and six grandchildren.

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