A Prophetic History of the Church Since World War II

    Paul Davies


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    By Paul Davies | ISBN 9780645103113

    Since the end of World War II, and the fulfilment of Bible prophecy in the restoration of the nation of Israel, the Holy Spirit has been preparing the Church for the End-Time Harvest. Amazing “moves of God” have occurred through fallible servants, who were available for the Lord to use. Some were household names in their day, yet they are virtually unknown among Christians today. The institutional church has so suppressed knowledge of these events that most Christians don’t even know they occurred.

    Many popular accounts of these men and women and their deeds have been deliberately falsified to discredit their ministries; some out of jealousy, some due to theological disputes. You will need to draw your own conclusions as to why and investigate the stories related in this volume to your own satisfaction.

    God has been telling the prophets He is about to “do it again”. There is another major ‘Wave of The Holy Spirit’ about to break upon an unready Church, known to many as the Billion-Soul Harvest. My prayer is that this book will open your eyes to what the Lord has already done so that you can have faith for what He is about to do, in which YOU are called to play a part.

    About the author
    Paul Davies taught high school science for 23 years and currently drives buses to pay the bills. He is on the pastoral team of the Ancient Wells Healing Rooms in Adelaide, Australia, which gives him the chance to “play” from time to time – his term for ministering in the power of the Lord. Raised a Sydney Anglican, he discovered God was “still doing stuff” in the ‘80s and has been pursuing more of the Lord’s presence and power ever since. He lives in Adelaide with his three kids and dog (who is a terrible conversationalist).

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