a picture of health

    A Picture of Health – The Key to Receiving Healing

    Kate Forsyth

    ISBN 9780987388834

    LIST PRICE: $24.99


    Sometimes we, or those we know, are confronted with impossible situations- the diagnosis of an incurable illness, infertility or a circumstance that doesn’t look like it can change.

    It might even be a sickness that can be controlled medically but still requires ongoing treatment in order to remain well. Jesus in His finished work on the Cross has provided COMPLETE HEALING FOR US- spirit, soul and body.

    In A Picture of Health, author Kate Forsyth takes us on her personal journey that began with serious illness, infertility and impossible circumstances and took her into the Bible scriptures to discover the God of healing and the One Who In works the impossible. Instrumental in her journey toward healing and being blessed with children was a key that shared with others has also led to their own experience of healing.

    A Picture of Health shows us how to apply the finished work of the Cross and God’s extraordinary promises in a way that takes them from the pages of the Bible and makes them an experienced reality. 

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