a pearl from ashes

    A Pearl From Ashes

    Julie Mallinson

    ISBN 9780987583949

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    A Pearl from Ashes is the story of how God cares for both the fatherless and the alien. The fatherless: Little Pearl was found abandoned outside an Internet cafe in central China in the spring of 2008. At sixteen months she weighed a meager six kilos and continued to deteriorate over the ensuing months following admission to an orphanage.

    Upon discovery that she was infected with HIV, she was isolated and had no hope or future. It was suggested that she be left in a storage room to die. This is the amazing story of how God led her to a family, and how her miraculous response to medication and love changed her from a traumatized orphan to a confident and loving little girl.

    This is the story of how He raised her from an ash heap and seated her with the Princes of her people. The alien: Julie Mallinson’s life has been transformed through countless experiences, including orphan camps, earthquakes and sleepless nights, to not only live in China but to survive the arduous adoption process.

    This is an honest account of the struggles – and joys – faced by missionaries living abroad and how, amidst the fears and cultural challenges, God shows himself as both loving and good. Finally, this is the story of the ‘great and awesome wonders’ that were witnessed by many as the fatherless and the alien were united as family, and the first HIV positive Chinese child was adopted into Australia.

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