A Life More Than Ordinary

    A Life More Than Ordinary

    Julie Tyrie

    ISBN 978-0987388896

    LIST PRICE: $19.99


    A LIFE MORE THAN ORDINARY is an unforgettable story of triumph over tragedy set against the backdrop of the hope that only comes from knowing and trusting God. It is the raw and inspiring true story of Julie Tyrie, a woman who, despite numerous trials throughout her life, never took her focus off her heavenly Father, and, as a result, lives a life of true blessing today.

    Julie’s personal account of God’s faithfulness to her during her very difficult childhood; her young daughter’s battle with cancer; her husband’s battle with cancer; and his death includes a heart-wrenching, yet inspiring journal written during some of the darkest moments in her life.

    A LIFE MORE THAN ORDINARY will have a lasting effect on readers as they go on a journey that deals with neglect, grief, loss, and pain, as well as hope, love, joy, peace, faith, and healing. It bravely and honestly battles with the question: What do we do when God does not answer our prayers as we had hoped and believed He would?

    This book will help readers to see the good in the bad, the light in the darkness, and the beauty in the pain.

    About the author
    Author, Julie Tyrie, and her three beautiful daughters, live 30 minutes from Brisbane, Australia, in the beautiful bayside city of Redlands. She is a long-standing member of Empower Church, Redlands in Cleveland (Christian Outreach Centre) where she is actively involved in Pastoral Care for the Youth and Young Adults ministries; as well as preaching. As a Secondary English and History teacher, she currently works as a relief teacher in schools in the bayside area, and also works as a student coordinator/liaison at Christian Heritage College, Mansfield. She is fortunate to be a guest speaker in schools and churches where she is given the opportunity to spread Christ’s message of hope and love.

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