A Forgotten Art

    Bekky Brill


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    By Bekky Brill | ISBN 9780645037500

    In a world that enthrones comparison, gossip, self-hate, and being your own rock ‘A Forgotten Art’ by Bekky Brill endeavours to encourage the reader to edify those around us and depend upon Jesus as our rock, our salvation.

    ‘A Forgotten Art’ is comprised of four pellucid chapters: Honouring My Body, Speaking Kind Words, Peace Amid Chaos and Seeking Help. These themes are Christ centred – conveying that without His foundation and guidance we would be without hope and incapable of truly loving as He loves.

    Bekky Brill’s stunning mix of narration and poetry gently causes the reader to reflect upon the reality that life abundant is only found in Jesus.

    About the author
    Bekky Brill, 24, is a devoted believer to the gospel of Jesus Christ; her life transfigured at the age of 17 when she decided that she needed Him. Bekky has a deep desire to learn the art of literature and translate, through words, the greatest Love story she has ever encountered. She has a profound desire to see generations of women of all ages and every colour walk confidently in all that they are with God and completely dismantle the acts of comparison, self-hate, and gossip through the wonderful art of poetry. Bekky Brill is married to the man that she only ever dreamt to be real as a young girl and has stepped into the wonderful experience of motherhood with one son.


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