A Confident Trust in the Lord

    Jeanie Jagelman


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    By Jeanie Jagelman | ISBN 9780645256987

    Jesus said, “Some who seem least important now will be the greatest then in the Kingdom…” Luke 13:30 Living Translation

    The story of Jeanie Jagelman invites reflection on this verse. The world may not perceive this woman as great, but what is this greatness of which Jesus speaks? Jeanie’s husband Ian has had a national and international career as a preacher, teacher and scholar and has made a significant contribution to the theory and practice of church leadership. Jeanie, however, has a greatness that is measured differently, a greatness that is seen in her trust in God, her obedience to His promptings and her willingness to give God all the glory for His mighty work that is the fruit of her obedience.

    From her birth into a German Lutheran farming community in South Australia to later years of Christian ministry with her husband Ian in Australia and internationally, Jeanie’s life has been an inspiring journey. Her encounter with the Holy Spirit, spiritual warfare in Fiji, the excitement of the Charismatic Renewal in Australia and California, and the birth of a Pentecostal Church in Sydney.

    But Jeanie has also suffered and struggled with challenges, disappointments and grief. Her story is a very honest and practical account of how she has lived with God always by her side, her love of the Scriptures, her perseverance in prayer, her thankfulness for all that God has provided, and her desire to empower others. Through all seasons of her life, Jeanie’s faith has been her strength and joy and a beacon of hope and encouragement to those around her. By God’s grace, her hope and encouragement is now available to all who read her story.


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