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The Revelation Proclaimed and Explained

By Marc R. Wheway | ISBN 9780645183504

The book of Revelation is the most misunderstood and feared book within the entire Bible. Most believe it is a book about Satan, the antichrist, the false prophet, judgment, doom and gloom, thereby entirely miss the point and the purpose. The Revelation, Proclaimed and Explained presents John’s revelation clearly and concisely, clearing up the confusion.

Through an exegetical and expositional approach, Dr. Marc Wheway first and foremost proclaims the blessings of the book of Revelation. While there are seven specific blessings within this remarkable book, the primary blessing is Jesus. The book of Revelation is the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Offering an in-depth study, Dr. Wheway will help you discover how the book of Revelation is the unveiling, revealing and uncovering of Jesus Christ to all humanity. The Revelation, Proclaimed and Explained provides insight into the fulfillment of the covenant promises in both the Old Testament and the New. Soon, God will return for His people, they will reign with Him, and He will forever dwell with them.

About the author
Marc R. Wheway, Ph.D., is the founder and director of Kingdom Seekers. Kingdom Seekers is an eschatological ministry focused on preparing the bride of Christ for the return of Christ. Dr. Wheway has earned a Ph.D., majoring in eschatology, through Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary, complemented by post-graduate studies in International Relations through Griffith University. Dr. Wheway also has an MBA through the Australian Institute of Business, which is further complemented with post-graduate studies in Employment Relations through Griffith University, utilized to run a medium-sized enterprise.

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