40 Days With Grace

    Sherylle Wells

    ISBN 9780645322019

    LIST PRICE: $19.99


    As you read the pages of 40 Days With Grace, you will journey with the author, Sherylle Wells, through some difficult and dark days. After her marriage devastatingly broke up, followed by claims of sexual abuse, she stepped down into a deep, dark hole, seemingly bottomless. But in this hole, she discovered a loving Saviour who began to transform her life.

    He quietly led her through those very difficult times as she dealt with her loss and unforgiveness. He sustained her and provided for her and her young family.

    Gems of promise from God’s Word lit up her gloomy pathway, and she learned to step out onto the faith she had long professed and found it to be solid!

    Joy followed as she leaned into and discovered her God to be faithful and true. Emerging from that deep pit, Sherylle found herself entering into the wonderful light of His Presence, restored, rescued and reclaimed.

    You, too may find yourself on a similar journey. If you are, then 40 Days With Grace will be there to lift you up and help carrying you through your journey. There is a special message of hope in each day’s reading, tailor-made just for you.

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