4 Visions

    Paul Cummings


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    By Paul Cummings | ISBN 9780645103120

    I present to you Four Visions. They highlight important scriptural principles that have kept my life on track with God. I know they can do the same for your life. The Four Visions are:

    ‘The Wall of Distraction’: This reminds us during life’s interruptions where our focus should be. It highlights what type of church we should attend and why. It’s an encouragement for Christian fellowship and a drawing closer to Jesus.

    ‘Standing Before the Cross’: The Cross carries profound truth. It reveals the true heart of God not just for the whole world, but intimately for the individual. It addresses the false notion that God is ready and willing to reject and condemn his children.

    ‘Death’s Journey’: This is a comforting message that shares the immediate benefit of life after death. The response of Jesus is wonderful. It’s also a message for those whose fear of death is inhibiting their walk with God.

    ‘Before the Thrones’: This takes us to a time of the accountability of all people, including the devil, before God. It reveals how each Christian’s life is valuable as a testimony and proof of God’s goodness and love. It highlights God’s final answer. It’s an encouragement to endure in all circumstances.

    The four visions have given me understanding, focus, comfort and hope. Most importantly, they have drawn me closer to experience the fellowship and love of my heavenly Father. They can do the same for you.

    About the author
    Paul Cummings is a Christian journeyman of over 45 years. He has been a full-time pastor in the Uniting Church and Anglican Church in Australia and has worked for Teen Challenge in Quensland. He has also accepted various pastoral and leadership roles in nondenominational churches and the Christian community. Paul is the author of two books: ‘In the Twinkling of an Eye’ and ‘Living a Sheltered Life’, both of which detail the work of God in Paul’s life. (www.paulcummings.com.au)

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