Consider the Lilies

    Shoshannah Isaacs


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    By Shoshannah Isaacs | ISBN 9780648715016

    Shoshannah Isaacs has traveled to many parts of the world. Everywhere she has been, she has seen a great need in people – even in those who seemingly have everything. She has a heart to share the truth with anyone who has had enough of living a life without a purpose, without the answers or with many problems.

    She describes herself as a very ordinary woman, not one to stand out in a crowd. But her purpose she feels is to relate to other ‘ordinary’ people who have not yet found where they fit in life, or where life has simply become too much to bear. There are so many.

    In sharing the remarkable events that have taken place in her otherwise ordinary life, because of her faith in her extraordinary God, Shoshannah’s life has become extraordinary.


    Miracles, unexplained coincidences, ‘chance’ meetings, seasons of grief and exhilaration; all these stories and many more are reflected in this poignant, thoughtful and inspirational account of the life of Shoshannah…

    …I like the fact that both mountain top experiences and the valleys that Shoshannah has experienced are shared openly and honestly.
    Pastor J.Hannaford

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