When I Am A Doctor

By Dr. Anne Glew | ISBN 9780645037555

Lorna, the wife of a country minister, who believed that her family had been cursed with a financial affliction, gave birth to their firstborn daughter, Anne, on 8th Jan 1940 while Australia was at war. The minister became an Army Chaplain with the position of an officer, a Captain.

Without a parsonage to house his family, Rev. Captain Crouch borrowed the deposit from his father in Melbourne for a house in the Melbourne, Australia suburb of Brighton, suitably close to his parents in St. Kilda. Then, ensconcing Lorna and the children safely, he moved wherever the government sent him: to military bases around Australia and Papua New Guinea

At war’s end, in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, the government was not prepared to let him go. He was asked to rebuild the schools closed during the war. Happy to comply, he stayed.  For two years Lorna and the family, now with three daughters, lived with him in Port Moresby. However, the children required schooling in Australia, particularly the firstborn daughter who was, from an early age, destined to become a doctor. Why?

When Anne was starting 2nd year Medicine, her father, Rev Crouch retired, re-establishing the family of wife and three teenage daughters, in the home in Brighton. Anne now knew that her parents had conspired for her to become a doctor, sabotaging her many attempts at romance, so she could keep them financially secure and break their curse.

For days Anne could hardly concentrate on her patients. She spoke to the receptionists, to her colleagues and to her minister… Then she wrote this book.