Night Journeys

By Raylene Pearce  |  ISBN 9780994551696

“Night Journeys is an exhilarating and dangerous ride taken by a single woman.The stories in this memoir are beautifully written with humour, empathy and passion. Raylene Pearce’s Christian faith, exuberant personality and care for others shines in every word. Prepare to be informed, entertained and amazed.” Dr Rosanne Hawke, author: Among Others,The Truth about Peacock Blue

What happens when a woman in her forties leaves her family and friends to serve the church overseas? 

Based in the Middle East, there is nothing simple or safe about the ministry Raylene Pearce is called into.  

The mantra:

“Will I ever be seen again?” rings loud throughout this memoir…

LOST in the thick fog of northern India

CHASED by rabid dogs in the middle of the night 

TRAPPED in a taxi at 3am racing madly through Cairo’s City of the Dead in total darkness

EVICTED by her crazed landlord the morning after 9/11.


It’s all here in Night Journeys 

and God shows up every time.

Price: $21.99