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New Authors

Ark House is happy to accept unsolicited manuscripts from new and established authors in all writing genres.

Just wanting to make a general inquiry and not ready to fill out the complete proposal form below? No problem. Please email us and we will make a time to discuss on the phone with you.

Even though the form below makes getting published look complicated, the process is actually quite straight forward. If you've written your manuscript, then from here we make the process relatively simple. 

Please read all specifications and requirements carefully so that the assessment process of your manuscript will not be held up. Please note that if guidelines are not followed your manuscript will be returned to you and we will await the re-submission of the completed specifications and requirements before we begin assessment.

Submitting a ‘Book Publishing Proposal’

Manuscripts must be professionally edited before being submitted for publication. All authors will need to send us a proposal based on the questions provided by the ‘Book Publishing Proposal Form’. This can be submitted online here or via mail.

Once our editors have reviewed your submission, you will be notified via e-mail or mail if your proposal has been accepted or declined. Please allow four to eight weeks for the submission to be reviewed and a response letter sent. Due to the increase in submissions we are unable to accept phone calls for submissions updates. We thank you for your patience in waiting for us to contact you.

If your proposal is successful you will be asked to submit the full manuscript and we will begin the review process. Our review policy is as follows:

1. Ark House requires that the manuscript be submitted in the form of a Microsoft Word file and adhere to the literary style outlined in the Ark House Style Guide including the following guidelines:

a. minimum of 40,000 words

b. scripture references must cite version source

c. all quotes must be footnoted

d. all images must reference source

2. All manuscripts must have been through at least one edit by a professional editor before submission to Ark House. Ark House will be responsible for sub-editing and proofing of the work if accepted for publishing, but the initial edit will be the responsibility of the author. We expect that all manuscripts will be written with correct grammar, punctuation and above average writing skills. If you require your manuscript to be re-written we can put you in touch with ghost-writers who are trained and professional writers.

3. Ark House will not provide feedback on your manuscript should we decide not to publish it. This is simply due to the high volume of manuscripts received.

4. Your manuscript and information is confidential. The material is reviewed and published only if it has been accepted and the author has been contracted.

5. Ark House, whilst aiming to work with as many authors as possible, will favour authors who have the credibility to write on the topics they have chosen. Ark House will also favour titles where there is a perceived gap in the market.

Submitting via mail

1. Download, print and complete the Ark House Book Publishing Proposal Form.

2. Send the completed form along with the following attachments (on either CD-R or USB) as a Microsoft Word file:


Contents Page

Chapters 1 & 2

(N.B. Ark House is unable to return submitted manuscripts. Accordingly please make sure you retain a copy of your submission.)

3. Attention the proposal and other enquiries to:

In the US:
Title Manager
Ark House
PO Box 1722
Port Orchard WA 98366

In Australia:
Title Manager
Ark House
PO Box 1321
Mona Vale NSW 1660

In New Zealand:
Title Manager
Ark House
PO Box 318 334
West Harbour Auckland 0661

Submitting online

1. Complete the Ark House Book Publishing Proposal Form online

2. Attach the following as a Microsoft Word document or PDF as per the instructions on the form:


Contents Page

Chapters 1 & 2

3. When finished, click on ‘Submit’ to send the proposal and attachments. You will then receive an automatic confirmation via e-mail that the proposal has been received.

If you have any questions please contact us. We look forward to receiving your proposal.