Know Yourself Loved: Muslim to Christ

    Guryel Ali


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    By Guryel Ali with Christian Ali | ISBN 9780648371908

    “I know you will be inspired as you read Know Yourself Loved. This is a wonderful  journey of a young Muslim immigrant as he finds a living relationship with Jesus. This book is an easy to read but profoundly significant book that will also prove to be an important evangelistic tool. I am excited that this story is going to impact a great many lives.”” Tim Hall  International Evangelist

    “Guryel Ali’s story is full of miracles. He is a family man, a gifted musician, a former radio personality in Melbourne, a unique voice in the Christian world, and all these elements come together to make a easy-read that has spiritual depth. The stories of the Bible, like that of Cornelius in the Book of Acts, are still being written today. This is one of them!” Steve Cioccolanti,
    Author of ‘From Buddha to Jesus’, Pastor of Discover Church 

    What is God up to in the Muslim world?

    While most Christians feel that Islam appears to be too hard, an intimidating force, many Muslims are reporting having visions and dreams of Jesus, dressed in white robes. We can see a pattern emerge, it’s a common thread in Muslim countries.

    But what about the populations of Muslims that live in the Western world? Are the same kind of miracles happening in the there? 

    Know Yourself Loved is the fascinating true story of Guryel Ali, born in London and raised in Australia.       

    A powerful account of conversion from Islam to Christ. It involves a broken childhood, a teenage rebel, a dream/vision of Jesus, a search for the Man in White, uncanny coincidences and supernatural encounters along the road to find a Father.

    Guryel, in his heart-warming style, shares an extraordinary testimony with sincerity and humour.

    Know Yourself Loved is a compelling and musical. A paradox of pathos, joy and laughter. A book you will pass on, and a useful gift for Christians with Muslim friends.

    GURYEL ALI, has served in Christian ministry as Speaker, Gospel Singer/Songwriter, Pastor and Worship Leader. He holds a BA in Biblical studies and a BA in Journalism. For a decade, he worked in Christian Radio as Breakfast Host in Geelong Australia, where he lives with his wife Cheryl.

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