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Inspiring Stories - Missionaries in Action

Compiled by Lynn Goldsmith

Inspiring Stories - Missionaries in Action
ISBN: 9781921589324
Author: Compiled by Lynn Goldsmith
Category Biography Christian Living
Type: Paperback


The first of the new "Inspiring Stories" series - "Missionaries in Action" compiled by Lynn Goldsmith is a collection of inspiring stories from REAL people in the mission field.
Missionaries often lead an extraordinary life with the highs and lows of their journey.

"Missionaries in Action" is a book full of inspiring, encouraging, motivating stories – outlining the rewards and difficulties of life on the mission field. It is a life totally dedicated to God and his kingdom and one that the missionaries in this book would not swap. Mission work is for the young, young at heart and those who have raised their children and are reconsidering their life’s work.

With stories from Irene Gleeson AO, Amiee McCahon, Lawrence Hirsch, Dan Sered and more these stories will captivate and inspire you as you read about these Australian Missionaries following God's Calling for their life.