Ark House serves both the Christian and mainstream book markets with contemporary, relevant books that carry life-changing content.

Ark House is a division of Initiate Media, a global Christian media group founded in 2003.

Ark House was also launched in 2003 specifically to produce high quality, contemporary books primarily for the Christian market. We also see our role of taking Christian authors to the general book market as a key part of our business and accordingly we have distribution across the globe. Ark House has published more than 1,300 titles and worked with over 1,000 authors since its inception.

Ark House has specialist kids and business divisions also we’re also highly focused on helping new authors get a start via our co-publishing division. This has been the biggest growth market, as there is a world of new authors out there that need a hand in getting started.

In addition, we also have a pastor publishing and a white-label division for pastors and those in ministry who want to publish under their name, but need the help of publishing professionals to achieve outcomes worthy of a high-level publishing house.

Our vision is not only to help authors at every level to take their work to the world, but also to get the word of God distributed via one of the most popular and powerful mediums in the world – the humble book. Our imprint has been in the marketplace for 20 years, and with this comes credibility for the authors we work with.

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A business book and autobiography all wrapped into one, Initiate Media founder and CEO Matt Danswan shares his personal path of faith in launching one of the world’s leading Christian media companies.

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